Our culture has put down marriage, tried to redefined it , and even at times disregarded it altogether.  50% of marriages are ending in divorce including in homes of Christian people.  So during this month of love Tom thought it a good idea to talk with the person who has taught me the most about marriage, my wife of 28 years, Cathleen.  Getting married was intricately connected to the Sound of Life. Hear the inside story of how Tom and Cathleen got together.  Tom's special guest, the best authority on being married to him, his wife, Cathleen. 

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On January 9th the Sound of Life celebrates 30 years of connecting people with the positive message of Jesus Christ.  So how did it all begin?  TMZ goes into the archives and pulls up a broadcast that was produced 27 years ago during the Sound of Life‘s 3rd anniversary in 1988 when there was only one station, our flagship, 89.7 FM in Kingston, NY.  It was hosted by then Broadcast Manager, Sam Mason, and was called “I Remember When.”  Listen and hear the favored history of God’s goodness and faithfulness as He began His ministry.

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Christmas is a time of joy, family, and food! So there is no better choice for the Christmas edition of Heart to Heart than to have Joe Hunter

For over 21 years, Joe Hunter has been getting listeners going every weekday morning as host of Cup a Joe Morning Show here on the Sound of Life. But what gets Joe going the morning? Joe Hunter, The Sound of Life’s Program Director joins TMZ for a candid chat about life growing up in North Carolina and moving north.

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While living in Texas, Greg and Kristi Clark were prayerfully considering  how to start their family.  They knew adoption was the direction God was leading them but not in the way they expected…  TMZ talks with Greg in honor of National Adoption Month.  Greg Clark is Lead Pastor of City View Church in Scotia, NY.  Hear how God brought Greg and Kristi Clark from Texas to NY with two new special members to their family, Grace and Jacob, and a burden to continue to foster and adopt.  

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Nan Hayworth decided to run for congress.  She did and she won.  Then she ran again and lost.  Now she is running a third time.  Tom wanted to know what calls a person to run for public office so he sat down with Nan to ask her himself.  Join Tom Michaels Zahradnik and his special guest Dr. Nan Hayworth.  Nan shares her passion for people and their rights as free citizens and her commitment the US Constitution.  Tune in. 

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Derek Duncan was enamored as a middle schooler by a missions trip his Dad took to lay block and help build a church.  He decided he wanted to be a brick layer too.  But after a few years he knew there was more to his life than simply laying block.TMZ's special guest is Church Plant Pastor and Sound of Life Vice Chairman, Derek Duncan.  

Derek wanted his life to be about doing the hard things and so he and his family left job security, a church and family in Memphis, Tenn and ventured to the great Northeast to plant a church.    

Listen to this candid chat with one of Tom's good friends and ministry partner.

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This is an encore airing of TMZ's conversation from 2012 with Don Lough, Word of Life's Executive Director as he shares about the mission of reaching young people with the only message that can change their lives.

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Author Laura Ingalls Wilder once said – No one has ever achieved anything from the smallest to the greatest unless the dream was dreamed first.”  

From her years growing up in Alaska, AnnaLee Conti dreamed a dream… to be an author.  Yet over two score year passed unil that dream came to fruition.  But it was her Grandmother, in AnnaLee’s teen years, that inspired her to be a story teller.  

AnnaLee Conti, author of the Alaskan Waters trilogy, is Tom's special guest for this month's podcast.  Five generations of ministers and almost two decades in Alaska gave her a great backdrop to fulfilling her dream, writing fiction.  You are never too old and AnnaLee’s story will be proof to you of that.  

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Foster parenting is not for the faint of heart and is much different from adoption. Family Life CEO Dennis Rainey, has said, “The church ought to be at the front of the line . . . emptying the foster care system in every state."  

Kathy and Michael Smith are doing their part as foster parents.  Kathy is learning that a true foster parent doesn’t try to take the place of the birth parents.  Only with God’s compassion, you learn to love both child and parent and the results have been profound.  “Are You My Mother?” is the National Foster Care Month episode of Heart 2 Heart, the podcast, with TMZ's special guest, friend and the Sound of Life's Acting Chairman of the Board, Kathy Smith.  Kathy shares the joys and the heart-ache of being a foster parent and encourages you to make a difference as a foster parent by sharing some practical "how-to's".


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Life can be lonely and difficult. It is compounded when a family is faced with autism.  April is National Autism Month and to honor families with autism, Tom Michaels Zahradnik spoke with Ellie and Steve Fella about their journey with autism and how they had to overcome denial.  Ellie and Steve Fella are parents of two daughters one who has autism.  Through it they are learning to trust in God and have realized that Samathna and Alex are both made in the image of God and a gift from Him.

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